Are old fashioned wedding invitation made of cards still worth it? Here are 5 reason on why to invest in one for your wedding.

Wedding cards give the pre - marriage kick, like from The Royal Collection. That moment when someone come to your house to give a wedding invitation, and you cannot help but stare at that shiny, glossy, and sometimes even in a huge basket decorated with flowers beautiful invitations.

Reason 1 : It is an evergreen invitation

It is an invitation, and since this is old school, it becomes unique as no one else is probably doing it.

Reason 2 : We humans strive for touch

It is something that the person can touch and feel. What is better other than an invitation that makes the person on the receiving end connected to it.

Reason 3 : The personalized touch

Having their name written by hand or printed on them, makes it exclusive to the people, making them feel special to get invited to be a part of your happily ever after.

Reason 4: You are no more a cheapo

Wedding invitations can be a costly business, and the most expensive when compared to the free message through the internet. Invest in one and look at how everyone at your wedding respects you for it.

Reason 5: Because you deserve it

It is an invitation to your dream wedding; hence, it should be special and preserved. Because everything needs to be special for the big day, so why not your wedding invitation?

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